I'm not tryna start shit lmfao but this whole covid thing seems like bullshit. I was exposed to like 6 positive people back in November.
I never got the virus. I go out with emily regularly, and I go to the gym every day. I never got the virus.
I eat out at restaurants and I go to parties with my friends. I never got the virus.
I don't know if I'm too fucking godlike (LOL) to not get sick, or if this virus just gets the old fatties.

Truly. I hate the new trend of literally SHITTING on skinny/thin/fit ppl and PRAISING the silly fatties. I don't fucking understand.
I can run 7 miles. I just did yesterday.
The silly fatties order doordash and whine about 'fatphobia' (I put that in quotes cause the whole fucking concept is bullshit and you fucking know it)
If one of us isn't being naturally selected, it isn't me LMFAOOOOOO.
I used to feel bad at the beginning but now...TBH if you get covid and die,
you were gonna die of something eventually, natural selection struck, and don't make your death my problem. THANKS XOXOXOXO


YOU KNOW WHAT I FUCKING HATE??? PEOPLE WHO COPY AND STEAL MY SHIT. Just saw some bitch that copied LITERALLY word for word, format, aesthetics. All my shit.
Literally people that aren't original can go die. Make up your own goddamn mind and leave my shit out of it. Fuck. My own personal shit isn't free real-estate just cause it's online.
Go make up your own shit. It's ok. We all had to do it. I'm sure your pathetic ass can too. self respect. get some.

I have this problem with emily too. I started wearing combat boots so she had to get some too.
I dressed 'emo' r whatev first so she had to as well, YEARS after I did. She copies my makeup n shit to a T. She found out I'm a witch,
and EVEN THO SHE'S AGNOSTIC LEANING CHRISTIAN, she HAD to start dressing 'witchy' so she could what?
Fit in with me? Live her fantasies out with clothes? It's so fucking annoying. Good fucking god. LIKE FUCK MAN. BE ORIGINAL. IT WON’T FUCKING HURT YOU.

That bitch. Don't even get me fucking started. So far she's the only friend of mine who knows I'm gay.
This little bitch keeps trying to fucking out me. I can't. Like,,,they were joking about liking dick and I was just sitting there, SUPER uncomfortable, and emily was all like
'oooo j is being super quiet maybe she doesn't like dick.' Like god.
Fuck you. I trust you with this shit, THAT I SPENT YEARS COMING TO TERMS WITH/BEING COMFORTABLE WITH,and you go around and fucking tell everyone? Oh and then she's super fucking selfish.
I'm going to see Rammstein with her, which I woulda done anyways cause dyl n eric,
and she, after I'd already bought tickets for someone else, asked if she could go to MCR with me. Now she's all "Oh I can't possibly miss that much work,
even though I'm asking you to do the same AND I volunteered to go to the second concert.'
IDK we've been bffs for 9 almost 10 years but…she's really just been bugging me lately.
She takes all this COVID shit wayyyyy too seriously; doesn't wanna eat out, walk around, do ANYTHING. IDK she just got weird I guess.

What the fuck ever. I'm going back to watching TFATWS. Bucky is my comfort character rn lol.


I know Imma come off as a BITCH but I don't rlly care lol.
I don't get why some people just don't work out AT ALL. They bitch and moan about how fat they are,
yet they shove food into their faces and refuse to take a walk or pick up a 5 lb weight.

Like lollll I HATE the body positivity movement on tiktok cause they'll praise literally obese people and call them "beautiful" (bitch we KNOW u cappin),
while trashing skinny or fit people. They're such fucking whiners.

I guess that can be equated to the younger, shittier gen z. Like '06 n all them. I honestly hate the way this generation is turning out.
Bunch of fucking spineless assholes with no personalities.

I LOVE it when they say "go touch some grass" cause I'm in the TCC.
I'm a fucking college sophomore with 2 part time jobs. Shut the absolute fuck up.

I hate the hive mentality we got goin here. It's the weirdest thing cause literally NO ONE thinks 4 themselves.
follow the leader, follow the leader!!
This all comes back to sociological imagination
Fucking losers lol


I’m always so confused when people say I’m mentally ill. Why am I considered fucked up because I’m different from you?
I don’t get it. I’m sure it’s just to categorize us so we can be drugged up and integrated back into this shit stain of a society. They don’t want individuals, after all.
They want mindless, stupidly happy zombie drones. Whatever.
social imagination. A term I learned in sociology lol. As long as you have self awareness and critical thinking, you literally hold fucking life in your hands.
You’re smarter than they’ll ever be.
The zombies will say “Oh no I could never steal/murder/cheat etc etc. That’s wrong!!” If you have self awareness, however, you’d say
“Well, yeah. I could do any of those things if I wanted to. I’ve just chosen not to. But I easily could if I wanted to.” It’s about seeing your place in this hell and accepting it for what it is.
You can’t romanticize life. It doesn't work that way. As soon as you see the world for what it is, you know your place in it, and you can think for yourself, that’s it.
You’re a god amongst men. Or zombies. Hehe whatever term u wanna use.
That’s why I think we can’t ever seem to stop serial killers and mass murderers. The zombies wanna think that there’s some kind of formula for a killer.
That you’d be able to recognize them from a fucking mile away.
In reality, all of us are capable of becoming Ted Bundy or Dylan Klebold. You can’t generalize people like that. It does more harm than good.
All you can do is try to be better. Create better health care. Pay more attention to hurting people. All that.
But whatever. That takes too much work for the zombies, so now we’re just stuck in this everlasting spiral.
On an unrelated note...I hate my office job LMFAO I literally can’t sit still to save my fucking life.


I fuckin looove how I'm 20, have my own fuckin job 2 in fact. I have 12k dollars, prolly more with the cash I have stored. I buy all my own clothes.
But I can't wear what I want still after all this goddamn fucking time cause my mom is a punk ass pussy bitch. She'll bitch and moan about literally everything I wear.
Complains about how I look like a dyke (which I fucking am lollll), about how I embarrass her and look like a kid,
about how 'pretty I could be if only I dressed like a girl!!', all that good shiz

Fuck her in all fucking honesty. Holier than thou cunt. Rot in hell you controlling psycho bitch.
You'll definitely regret all this petty shit when I'm gone.


I fucking h8 it when ppl tell me that I’ll end up wanting kids in the furture. Hell to the fucking no way LMAOOOO. First of all, I’m a bigggg dyke heheh.
Second, even the thought of being prego makes me wanna slit my wrists and die. Lastly, I’m waaayyy too abusive and fucked up to care for anything that way.
I’d quite literally starve to death on my own, and I can barely make it through the day without crying and offing myself.

No kid deserves to grow up like that.

I’m also really violent and angry. I’m afraid that I’ll end up being as abusive as my parents were to me.
Again, no kid deserves that.

So,,,,next time u wanna tell me that ‘I’ll want kids in the future,” kindly go fuck urself.
I won’t even live that long anyway. Mind ur own damn business LOL.


Fuck that dumb bitch that keeps parking in my fucking spot. Jesus H Christ. I swear to god I will shoot this bitch's tires out.
How many fucking times. Pathetic jobless cunt; lives w her husband's family and she parks in my fucking spot. :)))

*ps I'm not actually gonna hurt this bitch in any way lolz I'm just pissed n ranting*


Look,,,I don’t wanna sound like an alt right asshole,,,cause I’m absolutely fucking not. Not in a million fuckin years LMAO. But I gotta say.
This COVID bullshit has GOT to fucking end. I mean. I’m healthy, not high risk whatsoever. Same w all my fam n friends.
TBH we should just lock down the unhealthy and let every1 live their fuckin lives.

An 11 yr old took his dad’s fucking gun and blew his brains out in April in my st8. He fucking killed himself cause of this shit.
I’ve personally known ppl who’ve offed themselves cause of this. Oh. But they don’t matter, right?
The 90 yr old asshole who was gonna die anyways matters more than an 11 yr old fucking kid??? What the fuck. Whatever tho.
Cause as long as the ‘progressives’ pretend like they’re saving ppl instead of ruining lives and destroying futures, everything’s fine.

Honestly fuck you all.


I fucking h8 working customer service Jesus Christ. Ppl are literally so fucking stupid.
I honestly don't think I'd be as much as a misanthropist if I hadn't gotten this job. At this point, there isn't hope for the zombies anymore.
They're fucked. It's all going to hell. But whatever. I'm different. Self awareness is a gr8 thing to have, kids.
Makes you better than the best of them. Sets you apart and makes you strong.