OK so I got jabbed yesterday. TBFH I don’t feel much of anything. My head fucking hurts but eh a bitch lives with chronic pain so I don’t really mind too much.
I’m just waiting for the two weeks to pass. My state fucking suxxxx and makes everyone wear masks, EXCEPT vaxxed people. After two weeks, goodbye masks lolll.
And FUCK anyone who bitches about me not wearing one. “You’re still spreading it!!” “You’re so selfish!!!” Damn fucking straight. I don’t give a shit about any of you fucking losers.
Die or don’t die, I don’t fucking care. It’s listen to the CDC until they say something you don’t agree with. Put up or shut the fuck up.
Stay in your house all day. Just leave me the FUCK alone. Nobody fucking cared when I had massive mental breaks in high school, no one cared when I starved myself for years and turned my fucking thighs into barcodes.
So I don’t really seem that inclined to care when you stupid fatties get COVID and die.

I went and got plants for my garden yesterday. It wasn’t sooo fun cause the jab made me feel all out of body and shit. But I’m happy with what I picked up.
My dad and I went; he likes gardening too. He let me get a dahlia flower, which is super pretty btw.
I also got some herbs n things so I don’t have to keep buying them from fucking Etsy every time I wanna light a spell candle or burn something.
Comic Con is coming back in my city so that’s kewl. Me and emily are gonna DO IT UP. I won’t even have to wear a mask either.
Ayyyy I’m excited lol.