I’m not gonna lie. Summer break is gonna b HELLA BORING this year. Smh I swear. All work and no play makes jay a dull humanoid. Whatever.
I’m seeing fucking DEFTONES on Dyl’s birthday. IDK if he even liked Deftones but mehhhh I like them so. Yeah. lolz.
O to be able to travel back to the 90’s, where I could have been a real 20 year old. Fuck this reality.

My lil sis just graduated high school last night. Made me realize how much I actually repressed from those years. Whooo.
I never wanna do that again. EWWWWWW and all those stupid cunts I graduated with still all look the same.
I mean, people in college still all look the same, but there are still a few social reject goth emo assholes lol.
No one has any personality at that fucking high school. It’s a follow the leader type deal lol. My sister’s a total prep but eh water u gonna do lol she’s my blood, ya know?

UGH I haven’t worked out this week NEARLY as much as I wanted to. Jus a fat FUCK that’s me!!!