A LOT of things happened over the last week.
First off, I quit my job. I don’t really know how I feel about it TBH. I mean… restaurant work SUX so I’m glad I’m out of it. But IDK.
Those doods are some of my best friends. I know I’ll keep seein em. I hang w jared and michael all the time.
I just kinda feel weird about it cause I’ve worked there for 3 years now. I still remember the day I was hired. This is a whole chapter of my life I’m throwin away. IDK.
I’ll be fine, obv. But I think I’ll feel weird for a few weeks.
My OFFICIAL last day is May 30. I’ll have literally worked there 3 years.

OK the second thing is...I’m getting my COVID shot next Friday. J&J, one and done. I fucking hate this. I would NEVER have gotten this bullshit, except now even my own fucking mother is pushing me.
Firstly, I HATE BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE. Maybe if y’all had fucked off, I would have willingly gotten the vaxx.
Second, I don’t really give a fuck anymore. We all die. I don’t care if I die, and I certainly don’t give a FUCK if you die.
Third, everyone’s on my ass about getting the J&J shot. “Not effective enough!!!” “Too dangerous!!!” Alll this bullshite. Homie. I don’t care if I fucking die. I really don’t.
I just want the fucking sheet of paper that says CONGRATS!!! YOU COMPLIED!!!!
It’s starting to feel a lot like Comply, or Suicide at this point. I think it’s so funny. Everything in my life has been set up for me. I couldn’t choose what schools to go to,
I couldn’t choose whether I wanted to go to college or not, I can’t decide my college classes, I can’t decide if I can get tattoos (AT FUCKING 20 YEARS OLD),
I can’t decide if I can dye my hair. And now I can’t even choose what happens to my body.

OK BUT WHATEVER on a lighter note, skool’s out!!! I played so much fuckin DOOM 2day. Even passed a new level!
I also finished Sue’s audiobook. Not really light per say, but it felt like closure.
Ok it’s 9:52 PM Mountain Time so Imma prolly watch some Columbine docu and go to sleep. AYYYYYY.