god I can’t wait for spring break. I’m gonna play so much fuckin DOOM it’s not even gonna be funny.
I literally haven’t even touched the game in months n I miss it so bad. Fuuuuckkkk I can’t wait.
I also might take a roadtrip to Columbine??? IDK that might be a pipe dream but I really wanna go rn and I’ll be off skool so?? Maybe??
I watched Thirteen for the first time today. I know it’s a fucked up way to spend literal middle school,,
but sometimes I wish I lived a little more when I was a teenager.
I mean, I did spend most (if not all, LOL) of my teen years fat and isolated, but IDK it’s nice 2 dream. Xcept I can legally drink come December 10.
OOOOO I hope I don’t become a fucking alcoholic lmao that would be bad. An unnecessary waste of calories.
Listening to BMTH rn. Goooodd I love them. Their sound is just too gud.
Too bad they aren't touring in the US. Blehhhh.