I miss goin out with emily, man. We used to have so much fun lol. Road trips n photoshoots n all that jazz.
We have the same taste in music, movies, interests, all that. I mean...I went out w her on Thursday and we’re seein
Rammstein and MCR in Sept/Oct (R+V you guys would be so fuckin pumped omfg this is gonna be LIT!!!!!)

Rammstein is emily’s fav band but I like em too. I’m also learning German in the fall
so I’ll actually be able to understand their songs lol. MCR is my fav band and she agreed to go w me.
I am grateful for that. It’s in Denver too. I might go see Columbine and the memorial after r before the concert since NM is only like 6 hrs from Denver by car.
My car sorta sux tho. 23 gallon gas tank. 20 for highway drivin and 16 for city. OOF LOL.
Made in 1994 tho so I really love my car. I know it’s just a fucking car but IDK it makes me feel more connected to R+V.
Maybe I’m just nutz.

Ah fuck lol. My mom’s getting her covid shot 2day. She’s askin me to come in case smthg happens.
She claims she’s not scared but eh. I can tell she is. Why else would she ask me to come lmfao.
It’s like a 2 hr drive to the dispensary so we have 2 leave soon.
Finished my essays woooohoooo! I’m tired now. It’s almost midterm time. Nxt week.
At least I’ll have spring break. lol.