Just met w my advisor. GREAT. JUST FUCKING GREAT. Now nxt semester might be online. FUUUUCKKKK. HOW MANY FUCKING TIMES.
I don’t fucking care who gets the virus. I don’t care who fucking dies. I just wanna live my goddamn life. I lost my teens to suicidal ideation and depression.
Now I’m losing my 20’s to this.
I was having fun in college. I could dress how I wanted. I took the classes I wanted, finally. I actually liked my life. For fucking once. And now this shit.
My mom’s paying all this money so I can sit on my ass and write papers in my room.
Woooooo how fun. NOT.
I’ve said it before I don’t wanna do this anymore.
Don’t take me as some virus hoaxer r anything. But now we have a vax and if you
die at this point, it’s for lack of trying or natural selection. FUCK THIS SHIT.