I'm getting back into Wicca and witchcraft lol. Had a really rough spell from November till about now, so I kinda stopped doing anything.
I'm really happy about getting back in it. I love reading my tarot, doing pendulum work, casting n all that. I've missed it.
Even went back to watching Harmony Nice on yt. I've always loved her vids. I'm really feeling a lot closer to nature rn.
I took a 5 mile walk w my sister's dog n I just kinda...let it all in. Despite my bullshit allergies, the weather is soooooo nice in the spring here.
I'm so excited for spring. I can't wait to start my garden. I'm thinking half
herbs and half fruits/veggies. I love gardening lol.

I went out w melanie, emily, and bryana again today. I forgot how
much I've missed em lolllll. Made me realize how much I miss normal shit. Like, by no means was I happy before all this shit,
but I'm just plain miserable now.
It sucks.
But eh. On a lighter note, I got a Tree of Life necklace and a palo santo stick today so that's cool I guess.
I found a cool vegetarian restaurant too. Those r fuckin hard to find lol.

Skool starts again on Monday. FML forever and ever. My classes will fo sure rape me this semester.
I'm nervous about not maintaining my GPA. If it drops below a 3.8 I don't know what I'll do.
Ugh. I literally HATE online class. It's such a waste of fucking time. So pointless.

So far I've stuck true to my spring break plans lol.
I also draw a lot more now. When I was literally actively suicidal from November to like early March, I didn't draw a fuckin thing.
That's another thing I've missed. I work a lot too. Bitch gotta make that $$ since I'm spending so much on sage and crystals lol.
I'm sleeping better too. Prolly because of the time change. I love the spring forward, but not the fall back.