OK so maybe I’m learning Japanese in the fall??? That was the og plan and then I got into Columbine lol. Whoooops. IDK I wanna watch anime without subs.
I’d be so fucking powerful then. Also maybe michael and I could be in the same class?? That’d be fuckin hella!!
Imma miss that dude fo sure if I leave this job. Emily will be pissed lmfao. I already promised her I’d learn German but eh.
She’s not even going to skool nxt semester so IDEK why I’d want to please her. It’s my lyfe, anyways.
Anyways...I’m so obsessed over MHA rn. I know ppl hate the cringey ‘kinnies’ n all that.
(N I’M NOT SAYING I FUCKIN KIN ANY1 LMFAOOOOOO) but i’ve always related to tomura. We grew up the same, abusive parents n all.
One would beat the shit outta me n one would just watch. LOL.
ALSO I want white hair. God I want white hair soooooo fuckn bad. The pink was just a test 2 see if
I liked dyed hair n all that. IDK now I’m feelin like having white hair. I like the idea of being void of color.
Even tho I’m fuckin mestiza n I have brown eyes. I think being completely white from head to fuckin toe would skare ppl away.
A fucking walking skelly in all black w white hair???? Don’t mind if I do!
Although I ate way too fucking much 2day. I’m on a 17 hr fast rn. I’m hopin to literally fast all of spring break. God I need to lose like 5 lbs PRONTO.
Oh. Back to MHA. LOL
I read the last chapter and fuckin sobbed lol. I’m so excited for the new season too.
I felt ok for the first time in months at the prospect of my hero dropping this month.
IDK if it’s a little fucked up to have your suicidal thots tied to a literal cartoon but hey. Water u gonna do.

OK that’s it 4 2day lol Imma go watch Endgame w my momma.