UGHHHHH it's almost midterms time :/. I rlly don't wanna take all those tests lmfao. I wanna SLEEEEEP.
In other news…..I got my NIN Downward Spiral poster. It looks so kewl. It's way biGGER than I thought it was gonna be but eh. Still looks sick.
I aced my soci short essay after literally bombing like 3 so I'm ridin the high rn. LOL.

It's 9:07 pm MDT n I'm out here re dyeing my hair. It's starting to fade bleach blonde from pink and I DON'T LIKE IT LOL.
I've been rlly digging the pink hair for some reason. I've never been fond of pink but even I gotta say.
This looks pretty coolio.

I am on the most fucked pendulum of my life. Going from feeling godlike. I drive on the wrong side of the road for fun.
I hit things (not ppl lol) with my car cause I can. I don't sleep 4 dayz and dayz. I feel like DOOMGUY.
But other days I'm the lowest of the low. I'm shit, inside and out, and I don't deserve to be alive.
I starve and I cut because I deserve to feel pain. I need to suffer. That's just the natural order.

Woohoooo. Life is just too good

Ooooook. That's all 4 now I guess. Imma go re-read all the shiggy
chapterz of MHA and get caught up XD