OK for the last week I was on vacation in Tampa Bay. FUCK it was humid. I’m from the southwest where everything is fucking dry as hell.
I was sooooo uncomfortable lmfao. It was great tho cause I love the beach. We even got to see dolphins and crazy fish n shit.
I’m at the Denver Airport right now waiting for my return flight home. It’s 13:37 now. The layover is 3 hours ehhhhh
I wanted to go see Columbine obvs but I’m with the parental units soooo they would find that sus.

Uhhh next week and the rest of the summer is starving hours I guess. I had to eat TONS of food on vaca.
I always do this so my parents don’t get worried. Whatever. I can tell I’ve gained. I miss my November LW so much.
I’m at least 115 lbs now. My LW is 112. I feel really gross rn.
Goal is to not eat above 1k cals until August. I have to look go for my ballet class next semester.

UHHH I haven’t updated in FOREVER gawd there isn’t that much that happened tbh.
Me and emily are going to comic con tomorrow and Sunday. I’m cosplaying Shigaraki obv. He’s the fav.
I just need to style my wig and get all my make up together when I get home.