People are absolute fucking SHEEP lolz. Having to go to Costco and shop’s literally hell.
People are so fucking stupid. Anywho,,,I’m currently doing research on Dahmer. It’s really fucking cool.
I grew up like him, and I’m gay?! Poggers lmaooo. I guess this is my first entry here. So heyo every1.
All my socials r linked in the “links” tab n my AOL is Y’all can talk 2 me any time lolz I’m online this upcoming semester,,,
which reminds me. Fuck. School literally starts tomorrow. Fuckin rough. My BFF is taking off this semester, n i’m literally soooo jealous kfhkwdh.
Eh I got my 183 usd vintage NIN Downward Spiral shirt today. It looks so cool. Really makes me feel closer
to VoDkA. Peaceful and calm.