OOOOFFFF it’s been a while since I’ve come on here. I just haven’t been very motivated lately. I actually had a pretty good summer.
I read a lot, played a lot of DOOM and Sally Face, watched a lot of anime and made that sweet, sweet cash lolz. I got pretty content with life in around mid May.

HOWEVER, of course, this was short lived.

Skool starts again in a little under 2 weeks and now we have a mask mandate imposed. I’M FUCKING VACCINATED I DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK IF YOU GET COVID.
GET VACCINATED OR FUCKING DIE I DON’T CARE. Jesus Fucking Christ. I’m tired of all this shit.
So naturally, I spent a good week or so crying, and now I’m back to being pissed off. I’m still planning on going back and finishing my degree; all I want at this point is that fucking sheet of paper.
I mean, I wanted a legit college experience to make up for my SHIT high school years, but we all know that’s not happening so ehhhh.
I’m giving like a month, I guess. Just to see if I can handle all the retards back at the educational institution. But if I can’t, whatever man, I’ll just move my part-time job to full.
I’ll make HELLA bank.

OK BACK TO THE LIFE UPDATE I started reading Death Note like 2.5 weeks ago. I FUCKIN LOVE IT.
I started watching the anime when I was 16, but I was never able to make it past where L dies lolz. I finally finished the whole thing like a month ago and whoops...looks like Light became a new comfort character.
I know, I know. I’m a toxic, narcissistic asshole. What the fuck ever. He was right, first of all, and he’s a well written, interesting character. Also I love the artstyle of the manga.
ALSO IT'S A FUCKING FICTIONAL STORY. I’m a little over half way done with the manga, and L just died. I took that pretty hard but eh. It’s fiction LOL.

Only downside over the summer is that I feel like I’ve gained. I’m excited for skool cause I’ll be able to restrict and fast so much.
I’m planning on cosplaying Sal Fisher in October and I NEED to be 105-108 lbs by then.
I’m planning on sticking below 800 cals with just protein, fruits, and veg, with a little bit of Gerber Puffs thrown in.

Ok I’m tired now Imma go back to reading Death Note. Hopefully I’m done by next week >_<