da real shit

-the quotes and music lyrics that make up my existance-


you can't wake up, this is not a dream. you're part of a machine, you are not a human being. with your face all made up, living on a screen. LOW ON SELF ESTEEM SO YOU RUN ON GASOLINE.

calm your breathing, troubled soul, you need'nt whisper anymore.

we used to hate people. now we just make fun of them. it's more effective that way.

you make this all go away. i'm down to just one thing, and i'm starting to scare myself.

i hurt myself today, to see if i still feel. i focus on the pain, the only thing that's real.

i fear a dead body would be warm compared to mine, 'cause i'm barren on the inside.

who in their lifetime is good on Earth, will become an angel after death? you look to the sky and ask 'why can't you see them'?...because God knows I don't want to be an angel.

some of them want to use you, some of them want to be used by you. some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused.

we are the nobodies, wanna be somebodies. when we're dead they'll know just who we are.

they always picked on him in the class. he would wake up with anxiety attacks 'til he put the semi-automatic on his back. he has murder in his eyes.

all the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you better run, better run, outrun my gun. all the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you better run, better run, faster than my bullet.

i see what the devil sees. i listen when the devil speaks, and i think we might all be demons when we wanna be.

cause i know you can only starve so much till you like how it feels

i'm sitting right beside you, everything's okay.

my mom thinks i'm on heroin, and my dad just thinks i'm gone. well, they don't know fuckin anything. youth is wasted on the young.

i believe i can see the future, 'cause i repeat the same routine. i think i used to have a purpose, but then again, that may have been a dream.

call my friends and tell them that i love them, and i'll miss them. but i'm not sorry.

there is no peace in life. but only in death. in death

baby, you have to pay in this way or another. in this life or in the next. for as long as we've known eachother, you've been playing this game with death

we are, we are, the youth of the nation. the youth of the nation.

pistol in my hand, hatred in my heart

manifestations of a sort so insidious off the point, simple solution never confusion sport a gun kill a cop

you left your diary at my house, and i read those pages, you really love me baby

let me see you stripped down to the bone


“all great and precious things are lonely.” ― John Steinbeck, East of Eden

“and now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.” ― John Steinbeck, East of Eden

“do you take pride in your hurt? Does it make you seem large and tragic? ...well, think about it. maybe you're playing a part on a great stage with only yourself as audience.” ― John Steinbeck, East of Eden

“there's a Mr. Hyde for every happy Jekyll face, a dark face on the other side of the mirror.” ― Stephen King, Rage

“being someone's responsibility makes them hate you.” ― Stephen King, Rage

“that's what a shrink is for; friends and neighbors; their job is to fuck the mentally disturbed and make them pregnant with sanity.” ― Stephen King, Rage

"what fun is life without a little death?" - VoDkA

“almost happiness in slavery -- the real people (gods) are slaves to the majority of zombies, but we know & love being superior. i didnt want to be a jock... i hated the hapiness that they have - & i will have something infinitely better…” - VoDkA

"depression is not a side effect of cancer. depression is a side effect of dying." - John Green, The Fault in Our Stars